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Feedback: Announcing a new integration with Printful

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As a designer of many printful merch products for clients this is a HUGE value prop in webflow favor. There are so many industries that can use this from bands to online content creators’ merch shops. Bravo!

As always your timing on this is Perfecto! But, I’m having a little trouble connecting with sites under Team Account. Getting this error:

Yes!! This is so good. :clap::clap::clap:

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This is the BEST NEWS EVER.

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After watching the video, I didn’t notice any mention of variants other than size. Is it possible to have a single product with multiple colour variants so that customers can select their specified garment colour?

Ahhh nice!

I really appriciate it when you guys make integrations with platforms wich need a paid subscription.

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@PixelGeek @cyberdave @gaby_izarra

Once a store is connected to Printful, what happens if a product is sold that isn’t a Printful product?

For example, if one of my clients stocks up on products that aren’t offered on Printful (let’s say engraved Zippos for example), and an order is received for either a) a Printful product & the Zippo; or b) an order for just the Zippo; what happens?

Will Webflow allow us to separately fulfill each item with unique shipping confirmation emails? Will there be any unforeseen results? Please share.

My client and I are considering going with Printful for the simplicity and minimal barrier-to-entry or going with an external printing company that provides better pricing, and faster fulfillment. Ideally we would do a combination of the 2—hence my inquiry.

Thanks in advance. You guys are magicians and I mean that in the best way possible.

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Printful doesn’t require a paid subscription, all you need is an ecommerce plan from Webflow.

Starting a business just got a little easier. Printful lets you upload designs to sell on clothing, hats, accessories and more. It is completely free to get started: No setup costs, minimums, or monthly fees. Once a customer places an order on your Webflow store, Printful charges you for manufacturing and shipping and takes care of fulfillment. All you have to do is set how much profit you’d like to make on each sale.

for testing the integration you only need to enable ecommerce CMS inside a project, a paid hosting plan is only needed when you want to enable checkout, go live and actually start selling

Been waiting for this for a long while, soo excited! I haven’t had time to get into it yet, but does anyone know if we can add our own product images or are we only able to utilize the product images pulled over from printful’s mockup generator? I’d really love the ability to override the images with our own custom photography if possible.

Way to go guys, thanks!

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as far as I’ve been able to test you can add your own product images, the one’s pushed from printful are added to the ecomm cms collection

same problem here…

when only selecting ‘also give acces to team:’ this errors pops up (maybe printfull can only connect to all projects in team account at once?)

when selecting a un/hosted personal project the integration works, even with multiple stores

combining personal project and ‘give acces to team’ produces the multiple sites error

Any chance you got an answer to this through a different channel? I know you can prevent syncing the product. But will the Webflow’s eCommerce then take care of payment?

One of my Youtuber clients (2.5m+ subs aka a lot of merch sales via Printful) has recently converted to Webflow due to my direction, but as orders have been fulfilled it hasn’t converted the order status to ‘fulfilled’ on Webflow. This concerns me because customers aren’t receiving emails from Webflow indicating the fulfillment along with tracking numbers. Please advise.

Hey @JakeMorrison! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve relayed this message to the Ecommerce team and we’re looking into it. We suspect there may be an issue on the Printful side so we’re flagging it to their team as well. Thanks for the heads up!

For merchandise do I have to manually do it for every product ? I wanted it auto generated

The integration is terrible and has numerous errors. I am not sure how this launched without being fully tested.

  1. You can’t update variations, so once you add a product, you can’t add a new color later unless you redo the entire product
  2. No option for shipping speed
  3. If you make something on Webflow’s e-commerce product cms required, your product will disconnect and you will have to re-upload
  4. Weblfow doesn’t have an option for product images unless it is in lightbox, but the lightbox itself is buggy and was never fixed for mobile (when you zoom).

Have yet to test this out, but we found the following on Printful support:

What happens when an order contains both a product fulfilled by Printful, and a product not fulfilled by Printful?
We only fulfill the items you have synced with Printful so we update fulfillment status only for the synced part of the order and your order might appear as partially fulfilled until you manually mark the rest of items as shipped.