Printable Voucher / Coupon

Hello Peeps,

is there a workaround for printable vouchers?

  • Customer buys a voucher in the Onlineshop
  • Customer pays
  • Customer gets email with attached voucher and a generated code
  • Customer can print the Voucher and show it to the cashier

This is what i got so far:

  • I created a voucher as a product
  • I used the Order-Number and the name of the customer as “unique” code and send it via zapier to an to-do-app, so the cashier can check these informations and mark the voucher as “used”, when the customer wants to redeem the voucher.

Is there a way to generate a voucher-code and link this code with the order?
Or is it even possible to put the generated code on a blank-voucher + send it to the customer? Maybe throught a third party app and zapier?

Thanks in advance!