Ecommerce: A way for customer to purchase a 'voucher'?


Is there a way to use the Ecom setup, and allow the customer to purchase a ‘voucher’?

Basically, they are purchasing a coupon code, with which can be redeemed at a different site? (sort of like Groupon)

It would need to email the customer the voucher from a Database of premade vouchers.


Good morning @djgruber,

Unfortunately at this time, Webflow does not offer voucher or coupons within the ecom. You could use a workaround using zapier and a 3rd party app. There isnt anything native within Webflow that does this.

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Thanks for your response!

So… just to confirm…

I can use Webflow Ecom, and create a product that, is in essence, a voucher for a product. The customer will receive a ‘voucher’ code after purchase, with which they can REDEEM (on different site).

All of this, using Zapier for the integration?



I would highly recommend finding the 3rd part app first.

Then you could in reality add that product to Webflow Ecom and create a $0.00 shipping role that would then send the purchase to that 3rd party APP.

So to clarify your response, YES!

Just keep in mind, I have not done this before and therefor it is all theoretical on my part. lol

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Gotcha. Thanks.

I wont hold you responsible for any ‘exploding code’. :wink:


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Sending a code via email is quite inconvenient, nowadays there are websites that can send you a discount code with just one click.