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Egift Card Solution

Hey all!

I run a zipline, and need a gift card solution for my customers on our new website, , and wondering if anyone have experience with something like this.

We only sell one thing, but in different variations, the Zipline. We need a solution produce unique voucher codes, prefarably a PDF on mail, and with the option on a QR-code. Also we need a way to track the voucher/gift cards used, and if possible a way to prolong the gift card.

Anyone have any experience with a solution that does this?


Hi @JonWarland.
Josh from Foxy. We don’t have gift card functionality per say, but you can easily sell gift cards with our cart and then use our coupon code functionality as the gift card/code customers use at checkout.

If this interests you, feel free to message me and we can discuss it further.


Hello Josh,

And thank you for replying to my post. The solution you outlined, how would it work?


Hi @JonWarland.
We have many users who use our coupon functionality like a gift card since you can set what type of discount is applied (percentage or flat discounts). The only caveat is that coupons don’t maintain remaining balances. So it’s all or nothing when the customer uses a code at checkout.

In the Foxy admin, you can have our system generate multiple variations of your coupon codes and you can explicitly set what products/categories the code can be used with. Also, you can control other settings such as number of uses, expiration date, etc.

Hope this helps some. Feel free to email us and we can dive deeper. Also, I can put together a working demo for you.


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