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Pricing: collaborators that aren't clients or CMS users

I’ve already raised this issue with support via email the support staff have been really helpful but I wanted to raise the issue publicly to generate further discussion on the topic. I know this has been discussed at some great length previously but the focus has been mostly regarding giving clients access to sites.

For me, I’m not a design agency or a freelancer, but I do have multiple sites with Webflow, and most often – as with most of my work – I outsource my work. Now with Webflow, while I really love the product, this has been a major bottleneck for me.

Take for example a site that I am working on currently, I just added a new blog section to it. Now I want to hire someone from upwork to work on the site. It’s going to take them no more than a day or two to do the work and then my engagement/relationship with them will end. Now, using the current pricing model, it means I have to upgrade to the team plan, give them access to the site, and then downgrade back again when they’re finished at a cost of $80+. That’s a big jump in price just to be able to allow someone access to my Webflow site for a day or two.

I just cant justify paying for a team plan when most of the time it’s just me on my site and very occasionally a freelancer for at most a day or two.

There has to be a better pricing model for this, surely?

Why don’t you just get a Webflow PRO to do it rather than another designer? They will be able to design a site for you in Webflow, send it to your Webflow account, and ‘bam’ you have it on your Dashboard. This way you won’t have to pay anything as long as the Webflow designer you have hired has a PRO account.

What do you think? :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion, but that doesn’t solve the problem for a number of reasons.

  1. I have in fact hired Webflow PRO people before, the problem is, half of them don’t reply when contacted and the fact that Webflow limits how many people you can contact. To be honest, if they did more with that, it could be a big revenue earner for them. I’d rather connect with someone that knows and loves Webflow, then someone that I have to convince to use it.
  2. More importantly, in the case of a brand new site build this idea is very useful, but I need work doing an existing site. The site already exists, so I would either need to send it to their account, let them work on it and then send it me back, or some combination of that. Either way, it’s not ideal.

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