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Prevent background image from scrolling on mobile

the background image on my site works great on desktop view but if you shrink up the site to a tablet or mobile device size the background disappears when you scroll. the section below appears to have a white background even though it says in web flow its transparent. I’ve messed with all the settings in web flow and background image. nothing seems to make it work. need the background image to be fixed and appear on all sections when scrolled.

Hi @SWHC1066,

It appears that your “main” div is getting stretched to fit the “content” div after resizing your window. This is because your content div needs a place to go on smaller screens and moves below where it has room.

Try rearranging your elements and adjusting your CSS styles when on smaller screens.

Tip: try using xray mode when things start acting strange (see attachment)

Hope this helps! If not, send me an email at and I’ll take a closer look. :smile: