Prevent a pop-up modal from being hidden under Fixed Nav?


How do I prevent a pop-up modal from being hidden or stuck under my mobile fixed navigation bar?

To recreate the issue, visit the website (password: tellygramz) with your mobile device or limit the view to 478px wide.

Go to the “STYLES” page. Click on a phone. You will notice the pop-up modal is caught under the fixed nav and prevents the user from performing any other action except to book.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,

Here is my site Read-Only:
PASSWORD: tellygramz

Hey Michael,

I can see that the pop-up window is being blocked by the Nav bar.

To fix this, you’re going to want to change the Z-index of the pop-up window to be greater than the Z-index of the Nav bar. I couldn’t replicate this in the designer because, for whatever reason, the product options (telephones) were not appearing for me. However, I double-checked this solution on the web browser. You can check it out here:

I hope this gets you headed in the right direction to solving your issue!


I just thought of something. Try just setting the Z-Index of the Nav bar to 99997. This is a lower Z index than the pop up window’s current Z index of 99998. Hit publish and see if that worked for you.

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This worked perfectly. Thank you so much.