Modal popup is being blocked by Nav Bar

Hi, everyone.

I have built a modal popup for staff bios (pulling from a CMS collection). The popup is set to 100% width and 100% VH so that when a staff member is clicked on, her/his bio opens and fills the screen. But the problem I’m having is that while all the other page content is covered by the popup when activated, the Nav Bar still appears and it’s covering /overlapping the popup content. :confused:

Is there some way to have the modal popup also cover the Nav Bar???

Link below. Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out here! :smiley:

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Hi @Parts_Labor_strategy

Section 11. Set it to position: relative, and z-index: 9999

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Thanks, Gary!!! Setting the position to relative actually threw things off, however your tip of setting the z-index to 9999 did the trick!

I really appreciate how helpful the Webflow Community is. For a beginner like me, it makes all the difference. Cheers!

You’re very welcome! Shout out anytime. Have fun!