One single item won't hide behind a page overlay - help?


I’m having a frustrating issue where one single item - the nav link within the top-of-page nav bar - is still showing on top of a full-page overlay when a pop-up modal is clicked. Screenshot below to demonstrate.

This is a standard “about” page where you click on photos and a modal opens with a full bio. Works flawlessly other than the one nav link that doesn’t go underneath the page overlay when the modal is opened.

I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that this particular nav link is an exception within the nav menu, in that it has a dropdown menu and more complicated effects on it - but can’t figure out what specifically is causing the issue. I’ve played with the z-index on multiple elements and nothing seems to help.

Would greatly appreciate anyone’s advice!

Link: Webflow - Admit NY

Page is “NEW About”

hi @ktydol when you should give your dropdown element position:relative and z-index: 1 and your modal higher z-index eg. z-index: 2 or z-index: 10

you can also search this forum to find solutions. If you will face in feature any issues forum is great source of informations as many of these were already solved and these discussions and solutions may point you to right direction

This worked perfectly, thanks!