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Preloader suddenly not working

Hey All, so my pre-loader was working perfectly the day before yesterday and then yesterday just stopped. Arghhh!. It still works when previewing from the designer though.

I’ve tried replacing the small Lottie animation, with no effect. So it’s not the Lottie that’s the problem. If I take all interactions away, the preloader div and animation show with no problem, so something must be going on with the animation. For the life of me I don’t know what though, I’ve done so many of thee and there doesn’t seem to be any issues.

Any help would be appreciated as the project is going live on Sunday.

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I’ve now removed the Lottie file so that there is just a smooth fade out of a white dive once the page has loaded, but it’s still a hard jump. It’s like the interactions set out on page load aren’t executing. Maybe somebody else has experienced this?