Interactions doesn't work on published site


I made a couple of simple interactions on my site (page loader, button hovers, image reveal effects), however they only work in the Designer mode. When I publish a website and visit it’s live version — nothing works there.

I saw a couple of similar topics and tried to:

  • log out > log in > republish site
  • cleared cache and used incognito
  • I have no custom code on the site

None of the above helped.
Did anyone have similar issues and knows how to solve that?

Many thanks!

Website link

Hi @Oleh_Kurylas when load live page it stops on loader. you should check website with DevTools to see there is an error, first fix this issue then see what happened.

Hi @Stan
Thanks for getting back.

I saw this error, but I have no clue what it is about. I am not a tech guy.
Have you seen something like that before?

it has something to do with lottie as error msg says that element is undefined this mean that script cant validate or grab something that doesn’t exist when script runs. I will suggest to turning off things where lottie is to see where the problem can be.

EDIT: I see that you have in Assets one lottie (nav burger) but you are using an svg instead so check where else on pages your lottie is or what element has reference to this file (eg. background img etc.). If you do not using it just delete it (before you save it on eg. desktop as backup)

Oh, wow. That actually worked!

Initially, I used Lottie for the hamburger menu, later on, changed it to the SVG, but haven’t created a new class for SVG and used the same one as I used for Lottie.

Lottie removed, new class created, everything works perfectly.

Thanks a lot for your help @Stan

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