None of my buttons or link are clickable when live


While I was working on my website I realized that when I toggle preview, there were some times when the buttons and links on the website didn’t work. Randomly, it decided to work and I figured it could have been a small glitch, but it started doing it again.

Now, the website is live and none of the buttons or links work. Nothing happens when it hovers, nothing is clickable. I can’t even text inside the contact form on the front page. I just can’t engage with the site at all, and I have no idea why.

Someone, please help.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Abram_Moore - your preloader is still on top of everything which is why you cannot click. If I go to Chrome inspector and change preloader display property from “flex” to “none” then I can click. Check your interactions. You are setting the preloader opacity to zero but it is still covering the entire page with display: flex. You need to remove it from the page with display: none.

Ah, this makes a lot of sense, how do I make the change inside Webflow?

You’ve lost reference to some items in your preloader [LANDING 3] 2 interaction - see attached.

It might work if you delete the items with yellow warning icon or link them up to whatever needs to be animated.

It looks like the interaction correctly sets the preloader display back to none at the end but I think it’s not working correctly because of the missing references.