post request to a webflow cms


I have a question about webflow CMS.
To explain, I have a search bar that allows me to launch a process to check a domain name via an external api.
What I would like is to be able to retrieve the value that is entered in the search bar, store it in a variable and implement it in a webflow api.
This will allow me to have the list of all the users of my domain checker.

I’ve done some research, I understood that I had to create a CMS with a text zone (which will retrieve my variable). I had to fetch the api (which had this form: “{collection-id}/items?api_version=1.0.0&access_token={api-token-website}” ).
And finally make a POST request to this api.

I would like to know if someone has already done this manipulation and if it could help me :slight_smile:
I remain at your disposal if you have questions or various help for me.

Thanks to you

Welcome @Nemo_Nemo :wave:

That’s simple enough.

So you can’t use the CMS API directly from your web page, Webflow disallows this.

Instead, you have to use a glue service like Make (Integromat) or Zapier.

The flow is:

  1. Submit the Webflow form into Make, it’ll include the value they entered.

  2. Have Make connect to your external domain checker API and get the results.

  3. Have Make connect to your Webflow CMS API and add the search term.

  4. Return request and display to screen.

For the last item, you can either have a CMS Template page reload or return JSON that some custom code displays for you.

Here’s a screencast that’ll help get you started:

Thank you for your answer,

I’m looking into it, maybe I’ll come back to you :slight_smile:

After much testing and research, I managed to make a form that implemented my webflow collection in every upload.
Except that I had a new problem, indeed a form is made to send only one form when sending the input. Unfortunately if I enter a new domain name, the button is “disable” and therefore is not clickable. Even if I make this button “enable” after sending the form, when writing and sending the second domain name, without refreshing the page, it will not implement my webflow collection.

Do you have any idea how to do this? Knowing that the webflow form prevents me from sending several forms (unless the page is refreshed)

Not totally following you. But if I’m understanding it correctly, try altering that with Javascript (custom code), reload the page, ore return a 301 redirect (to the same page) back from Make (Integromat).