Possibly broken flexbox?

Hello guys!

I’m having some trouble styling the navigation on my website. The right side (the navigation) doesn’t obey the style rules that I’ve set: flexbox, direction horizontal etc. Also the “nav_menu” seems to have some kind of a fixed width?

It’s supposed to look like this on desktop:

Instead this is what I got:

PS. In the preview site it doesn’t even show the navigation. :frowning:

For now it’s just the desktop design, for mobile I will hide the nav links and only keep the burger nav button.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Aleks Golotvinov Official Website

change the setting navbar desktop to table it shows the nav menu on desktop

Thank you, Shadul.
However I want the hamburger menu to be present on all viewports (including desktop). I’m going to just hide the nav links (and yellow button) or smaller devices.