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Possible to sell software on my website?

Hello everyone! I am new here :smiley:
I am planning to create a website with Webflow and sell my Mac app on it via and Now I am wondering if that is even possible. Does anyone know the answer?

In the case, if it’s possible. Do I need to purchase the Ecommerece plan or will the Basic Website plan be enough?

Thank you in advance!


Currently it is impossible to sell non-physical goods with webflow ecommerce but this is one of the first things to be addressed soon as far as I know so stay tuned!

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Oh wow. That is really sad news.
Good thing I asked before investing any time into creating the page.
Maybe the workaround here is to create the whole page with Webflow, then export the code and add those services on my own.

In any case, thank you very much for your help! :handshake:

You can use any of the available ecommerce solutions for webflow. Foxycart is one for example.

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The thing is that I am planning to recreate my existing website, which already has those services build inside the site and app itself. So I don’t want to throw away the part inside the app and just “link” it to a new website. This is the current website: