Possible to have different Page Load Interactions for different breakpoints?

Hey guys,

I´ve searched quite some time but could not really find a definite answer to my problem.

I would need different “page load” (“When page finishes loading”) interactions for different breakpoints.
Basically one page load interaction for desktop and tablet and another one for phone landscape and portrait.

But I cannot figure out how to do that.
Can anybody help?

You can see the project here:

The animation on the index is only running on desktop/tablet right now.
For the smaller screen sizes I would want to have only the popup-overlay but with a delay, not shown immediately, for that I would need to make a specific interaction.

Thank you all!

Schöne Seite! :de:

The read-only link to your Webflow site could be helpful.

Hi Carsten,

danke dir! :slight_smile:

Sorry, klar, hier der Read-Only-Link:

Have you tried adding a second page load trigger with only mobile ticked in trigger settings?


OMG - I cannot believe it, that´s what I wanted to do but I could not find the “+” to add a second page load trigger! :sweat_smile:
I was always looking for options within the 1st existing page load trigger.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I knew it must be possible, so luckily it was just me :wink:


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