Different animation (page scroll) %points for different devices?

Please Help!
I have scroll into page view animation %points that need to be different for each device, is this possible?

EXAMPLE: for desktop= i have a logo that scrolls into view on desktop at 5% but for mobile I would like to have the same logo scroll into view at 2%…(page view)

-is there a way to have the same logo animate while scrolling at different page% points for different devices?

Thank You for any help I truly appreciate!

Hey, create a new interaction for mobile and use the “trigger on” settings:

Thank you for your reply, So if I change the break point from “desktop” to “mobile” then create a new animation using the same trigger it will have the ability to have different %points for page scrolling animation? sorry im just little confused on does selecting the breakpoints in the designer allows you to make a different animation for same trigger?

No, you would need to create a new interaction and use these checkboxes:


Then for example one animation could be for desktop & tablet, and another one for phone landscape & portrait :slight_smile:

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I appreciate you reading thru what my problem was even though it was a little round about description. I truly appreciate the help and patience!

I now understand that you can create different interactions for same triggers, allowing me to be able to create different “interactions” for same trigger and define what breakpoints to use them for with trigger settings, very helpful and cool! thank you !

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Glad I could help! :slight_smile: