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Possible to have a Squarespace-like sidebar using CMS?

Looking to create a similar sidebar navigation like Squarespace’s Help section using Webflow’s CMS. Is it possible?
Here’s a link to SS’s Help site:


That’s just a list of links that point to the headings in that page. Nothing to do with CMS functionality.

I’d like to accomplish this using the CMS and make it dynamic. Was hoping to do this using Multi-reference fields, but that’s not possible.

Oh, this sidebar didn’t load for me earlier and I just saw this


This looks like article categories with subcategories. I don’t think the CMS does subcategories well.

If the naming structure of the “Article Category” collection list is something like this:

Getting Started/Overview
Getting Started/Signing up
Getting Started/Getting around Squarespace
Getting Started/Design resources and tips
Account and Billing/Overview
Account and Billing/Login and password
Account and Billing/Billing
Account and Billing/Special programs and offers
Account and Billing/Contributors
Commerce/Getting Started

You should be able to hack together the same menu using custom code.

I’ve been able to make a sidebar with 2 levels, albeit, kind of manually. But the third level is something I’d like to achieve, but have no idea how to do that. An example would be:

- Getting Started / Overview / Starting with Squarespace

or basically following this format:

- Category / Subcategory / Article

Thanks for any help!

Yeah I don’t think you can nest collections, so I suggested having all expandable menus as subcategories and then use JavaScript to build the menu (split the name using the “/” character and group them under the same top level name)