Possibility to use different CMS page designs

Hi! I’m new to webflow and i really need help
I recently purchased a template and in trying to redesign it for myself, I encountered some difficulties in designing the galleries

I am very bad at website development, so I really need someone’s help

I need to manipulate the pages of “projects” by changing the size and number of photos in a row
Ex: I would like to use 1 row of photos on one page, 3 rows of photos on another, 2 rows of photos on the third, and arrange them in some other way (I will give some examples below)

In general, I would like to manipulate the galleries more flexibly than I can do through CMS, because now changing one “project” page changes absolutely everything else

Maybe I need to unlink these pages from CMS,
Or maybe you have a better idea of how I could place my photos on the page
And that these changes on this page don’t affect the other pages

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Yes you could make static project pages that will give you complete control over each page’s individual layout- but that only works for a relatively small number of projects as there is a 100 static page limit on the site.

A CMS collection is a better way if you can make it work. If you have 3 to 4 consistent layout variations, here’s the approach I use.

@memetican I think that’s exactly what I need
But I can hardly do even something like that, because I’m very bad at making websites

Would it be possible for me to give you access to the site and you could help me with that?

I just need 3 different “layouts”
On which I would be able to adjust the number of photos, the size, the size of the padding from the edge of the page, etc.

If that were possible, it would be incredible! Because I’m really stuck on this :sweat_smile:

Yes I do this kind of design & configuration work for clients, I’ll message you with my details.