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Portfolio - Help

I’m new here in Webflow and I’m loving it.

I installed the Western template and I’m customizing for my needs.

I can not edit the Portfolio. Does anyone know how to adjust it? How to insert new images? Change the current? …

Sorry for the bad English, I used Google Translate to compose.

Thanks, if anyone can help.


Double clic on every image to select other or upload one.

@aaronocampo Thanks for the quick response!

When I click twice on the image, the current photos do not appear to be replaced, see the print below.

Any other ideas?

The div that you’re selecting is the overlay and not the image one, look on your navigation panel and there should be a div for the image.

Can you share your read only link to help you better please?

Thanks again for your help!

Follow the link.
See that by clicking on one of the images, opens a link with description, this step I can not.

Thank you very much for your help.

I made a little video to explain where is that you need to change your images.

Let me know if that helps.


You’ve helped me a lot!

When I click on these thumbnails, I’m directed to “another page”, but I still can not understand the logic of that.

See the two attached prints.

ok, the images are the links to other content, in this case projects, the idea is to showcase a group of projects (home page) and when the user clicks on them then they get the project details.

Exactly, I get it!

I found a website that the portfolio is exactly what I want.

Do you know how to be like this?

Yes you can use flexbox. There are various ways to achieve that. PM me if you want me to help.

I am also having trouble figuring out how to change my portfolio homepage photos… I’m using Newport theme. When I change one, all 9 update with the same info!

This is my share link:

Thanks in advance for any advice!