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Popup doesn't work

Hi Webflowers! I can’t solve a problem. I have a popup. On the designer, it looks perfect. But on the live site, it looks different.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You’re using the % unit on the width and the height of the “ama-popup-content-wrap” element, %(percentages) refers to the parent element’s font size so the sizing will depend on the font, instead use viewport units or em’s :wink:
Btw here is a helpful vid of Webflow to learn about the CSS units : CSS width & height, object-fit, overflow, and CSS units (ems, rems, vw, vmin, fr, ch, and more) - YouTube

Hello Moshiur!

I have a no code popup tool recommendation for you. Much easier. :ballot_box_with_check:
Popupsmart is easy-to-use, which means you do not need to be a designer in order to create conversion-driven popup campaigns for your e-business!

-Customizable Popup Templates & Advanced Targeting Options:
You can choose the most suitable popup design for your website.
-No code required:
You can build popups in just a few minutes without coding.
-No Need for Plugins or Extensions

  • Let me show you how you create a Webflow Popup:
  1. Sign up for Popupsmart.
  2. To create your first popup, install the embed code between the header tags of your websites. Moreover, you can easily place the embed code on your website via Google Tag Manager .

This is a one-time necessity, so you can use the same embed code for all your websites as well as all your future popup campaigns.

  1. After you are done with your design, connect your Popupsmart account with applications such as MailChimp and Zapier or with a Webhook on the Integrations Tab.


  1. After completing the editing process, go to the “Publish Tab” and turn on Status toggle. Then, through the ‘Platform’ section, choose “Any Website” and copy the provided code to your clipboard.

  1. Log in to your Webflow website admin panel.
  2. Click “Custom Code” on your dashboard’s context menu.
  3. Paste the popup code on your clipboard to the code area to display your popup on the entire website.

  1. Then, click on “Save Changes.” If you would like to add your popup to just one page, switch to Designer mode.
  2. Click on “Pages” and write the name of the page that you wish to display your popup on.

  1. Scroll down and reach the “Inside Head Tag” under the “Custom Code” addition option.
  2. Lastly, save changes and check if the popup appears properly.

Done! I swear its much easier in practice, I tried to show all the steps in case of a confusion.

Feel free to reach out to me in case if you have any questions. :smiley:
Good luck! :star: