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Hi all!

I would like to create a “pop-up” on my homepage, that comes up every time one re-opens the website. The pop up would essentially be simple text, a transparent background and a big x on the top left to close it.
The idea is to have something like what’s on the about page of this designer: https://cargocollective.com/annelisekeestra.
This way, my current homepage would be my work page, with the pop up on top. Easy?

I am very new to Webflow, and I still have a lot to learn. This is my website now: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/giadas-first-project-c91a71?preview=5963fe40e23cd272763b0fe8191be859

How could i create the pop up? Thanks a lot!!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi @Giada_Pieropan,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Webflow, personally I find that the University tutorials are a really good way to start as they are divided in very small chunk and made with care and humour to keep you focus (always better to learn when you have fun)

If you are already familiar with the basic, there is also a lot of live workshop where you can get precious tips and tricks.

For your question I recommend to have a look at this one from @PixelGeek :

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate, you are in the right place.


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I’ll have a look at it today and let you know how it goes :grinning:

Thanks again! Watched the tutorial and managed to do exactly what I wanted. The only thing is, I would like the modal to come up only when the page is “loaded once”. If the viewer goes back to my “work” page, the pop up comes up again. Is there any way to change this?

The website is giadapieropan.com (to see what I mean).


Hi @Giada_Pieropan,

I’m not really sure what you mean. Your modal seems to “pop up” correctly every time the page is loaded or the work link is clicked.

May it be that you want it to appear only for the first time your site is visited by the user?

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Yes that’s what I mean. I would like it to appear only for the first time the website is visited by the user.

Ok then,

As far as my knowledges go you can do this only with custom code which will check if your site has been visited by the user.

I can’t provide a working code block for your project but you can start here to find some answers

Also take the time to read about GDPR as using cookie and local storage of the end client must conform to the law.

Another work around depending of the amount of assets on your website (meaning in term of load time) would be to set up a one page website where you show and hide sections with a click interaction. This way the page only load one time and you have controls on how to display your modal.

You can start a prototype by using the Webflow tab component (each page become one tab) and if does work for you it’s quite easy to reproduce the tab behaviour with custom interactions to achieve your desired style.

I hope it will help you moving forward with your project.

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You can simply create a popup for a homepage. You can access external tools or plugins for popup window and also customized according to your need. Simply search online about any resource.


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thanks! I’ll look into it :grinning:

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