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Pop up based on region

Hi guys I really hope of one of the wonderful members of the forum can help with my request…

I have a page on a clients website called “For Investors” my client has requested a feature pop up box that prompts users to accept terms and conditions but only particular locations before accessing the page. The client wants users in the following counties to be prompted with the pop up box to accept and proceed or go back, the locations for the pop up are: USA, Canada, NZ, Australia, China, HK, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland.

Is there particular code I can write that will only display the pop up box in these countries?

I hope someone can help!

Thank you.

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That would require code. Since you can only run client side JS, most situations require leveraging a IP lookup API that provides country info back from your request. This can create privacy issues for your app. There are plenty of them available so I will leave you to search Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo for one that meets your needs. As for implementation refer to the API you choose.

If you need coding help you could hire a developer.

Thanks Jeff I will take a look into this!