Modal Pop-up Disclaimer That Only Appears On First Page A User Lands On

Hi, I’m building a website for a investment fund, and for the site to be compliant with regulations, it needs a pop-up modal on that ONLY is shown on the page a user lands on, which they can’t exit unless they have submitted correctly, and which only allows a user access to the rest of the site if they are:

1. confirm they are an accredited investor
2. confirm they are from certain countries/regions (In the form of a dropdown menu)
3. if they accept a country-specific disclaimer (which needs to show up based on the country they have said they are from (in no.2) , so if they chose ‘US’ for example they would be shown the US specific discliamer relevant to the laws in that country)

If they can’t do the above, then we cannot allow them access to the site. Please see an example of a site which does this in the way I need mine to -

So far, I have been able to replicate only elements of this functionality, but not the entire process. I’ve found 3rd party solutions, such as TypeForm which fulfil some of the functionality, but I can’t get to do all the elements of the process I need.

Anyone have any suggestions?

hi did you work this out I need to do the same thing cheers Thomas

Hi Thomas,

It doesn’t appear to be completely possible to do it exactly as is done in the example I put in my original post.

I’m currently still iterating on a solution, so far I have found the following resources useful


Thanks. I will have a look. Cheers Thomas

@FrankStannard unfortunately it would require custom code. You would want a variable that it checks prior to revealing the modal.

Step 1: Create and initialize the variable.
eg. var modal= true;

Step 2: Wrap the code that reveals the modal in the conditional if statement, where the condition would be accepted upon the first load. At the bottom of the code block, flip the variable.

//set modal to show
modal = false;