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Geotarget Content

Hi there! I’m only wanting to show this ‘NEW’ alert for a free ebook to visitors from the United Kingdom (not any other country):

Is there anyway to make this ‘div’ only show when someone is visiting from the UK?

My website:

Website read only:

Yes, this should be possible. Have a look at

Hi. I am a designer building and have limited code skills. I need to have specific content and URLs for USA and UK. I don’t understand how to use your links to do this in webflow. Is there an easier solution?

Hi there!

GEOContent can do the exact work.

It can identify your visitors’ geolocation by their IP, like country, state, city, and show/hide buttons, forms, etc based on your visitors’ location.

For example, you can enable this ‘div’ for visitors only form UK, but disable it for all other countries. It could prevent unwanted clicks, signups and etc in certain regions…

Even better, you don’t have to code. The tool is easy to set.

Hope it helps!