Poor page speed score after custom code integration

Website giving very poor page speed performance after I added third party integration code like

Finsweet script for cookies,
Google tag manager script,
adroll integration,
Hotjar tracking code,
Linkedin ad script

Is there any way to improve website performance with all the above tracking codes?

Website URL is:

Read-only link:

Webflow offers none of any Performance Features. There is no way of improving it really except exporting and adjustint it.

Or Look at https://stacket.app to dramatically improve your pagespeed.

So you mean, there is noting we can do with third party codes?

You can async/defer them, but everything other than that you can really don’t do a lot.

When we talk overall about all optimizations, those things not really speed up your site, only some bits and bytes. You need WebP or AVIF Images, Prefetching, Inlining CSS Styles, Lazy Loading Videos, Iframes etc.

Today it requires a bit more than just making one adjustment.