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Poll: How should the Webflow Lightbox work?

@Socrademy We’re working on it right now! Everything we build is responsive from the get-go so it will work great on mobile.

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This is hard being that I’ve used it both way in the past. However I have a case right now where I’m hoping you’ll implement option 1. For example I have a portfolio site with over 20 thumbnails. Each thumbnail will represent a project that will have several images associated with it.

While I agree there should be an option for both, I’m definitely biased towards option 1

If we have to choose, I prefer option 2. I think we’ll find this more useful the most of the times.

I’m going to trust that @thesergie will find a way to give us both options.

However, can you tell us if you’re leaning towards one directing ? If option 2 is the only way, I may have to use another tool for this project. :frowning:

Most likely we will find a way to implement both options as it seems 50/50.


will the lightbox support videos as well?

Yep you can add links to youtube or vimeo

Update: The first version of the lightbox will not support videos, but we plan on adding it in the next iterations of the lightbox.


just curious… Is the development of this feature coming along nicely? :smiley_cat:

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Yep! We’re just polishing it up right now! We hope to launch it by the end of this week!


Well. That just made my day!

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Very cool. Can’t wait!


end of the week… is today the big day?

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Drum rollllllll…

Haha, you guys. I said “We hope to launch it by the end of this week!” If it’s not today then it’s early next week. Sorry to keep you guys hangin so long!

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Yes, therefor we had enough hope that it would happen today :wink:

Really though, your development time for new features is crazy fast, can’t complain at all :smiley:


So… What happened? I can’t see it in my webflow?

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I’m curious as we’ll. still looking forward to this feature!

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Opt. 1 is nice for Portfolio
Opt. 2 is better for touch/Galleries but can also be used for Portfolios

There should be both and even more ways of lightsboxes.

But for first Opt 2. will be most used and will be better than no lightbox.

Then you can focus on other things and get back to opt. 1 and others later on the roadmap.
Be sure to code with having in mind that there will be multilple Lightboxes in future.

Good things need time.
Take your time and do it perfect!

King Regards,
Christos Kapodistrias

You can beta test the lightbox and leave your feedback here: