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Poll: How should the Webflow Lightbox work?

Hey guys we need your feedback on how you would use a lightbox…

How do you think the lightbox should work?

  • Option 1: Each image thumbnail on the site will have it’s own set of hi-res images that will show up in the lightbox when clicked. Clicking on the arrows will cycle through those images (not the next thumbnail).
  • Option 2: Each thumbnail will have one hi-res image. When you click on the arrows in the lightbox it will cycle through the next hi-res image corresponding to the next thumbnail.

Option 1 example: Fresco (Disregard how the lightbox looks and feels)
Option 2 example: Lightbox (Disregard how the lightbox looks and feels)

Give your feedback plzz

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I’ll guess this for image galleries then? This is hard =) I really want to have the option to choose between the two. Sometimes like in product view in a shop you want show different option like colors but need to save space option 1 is better. Option 2 is better if want the visitor to be presented with all images then the visitor can choose to see a larger pic. But if I have to choose between this two I choose option 2.

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OMG, when is this coming?? I need this bad! Will there be a way to batch upload photos to a gallery container?

I really like the simplicity of the second one but I’d like the option to have the close button in the photo frame instead of in the upper corner. That’s super annoying on a 27 inch monitor. I vote for both and the ability to choose between the two if possible!

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Voted for 1 but it’s really two different things I’d like to be able to chose from. Solution 1 is great for reference pages with numerous items, product galleries / product sheets, while option 2 is meant for articles, where you can check all illustrations at once. Two different usages addressing two different needs.

Edit: actually I wouldn’t call option 1 a lightbox. It’s really a mini-gallery. Usually lightbox don’t display hidden content.

Great with some progress on lightbox in Webflow. I agree with @jorn and @vincent that a option choose between the two depending on what type of use would be the best solution. I can´t really decide between 1 & 2 so Ill go for alternative 3. :smile:

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a hybrid of the two would be great!

any update on when the blog service is going to be released??

Oh wow! I agree, this is way too good. Both solutions have their spot. Is there not a way to include both options? Maybe you could make the choice in the site settings at the start of each project? Then if you change your mind, you go back to site settings and make the switch? Very beautiful solution guys. Way to go. Kudos to the team. Can’t wait for this update. Thanks for fonts and tabs btw!

Personally, I would much prefer option 2.

I think option 1 can be more flexible. If you leave with only 1 image it would give the effect of option 2, if you put more pictures inside her would give option 1.

I’d go for option 2. It swipes much nicer on tablet and phone!!

Like the minimalism too. Comes much closer to the Webflow-feel.


For whatever reason, 1 was barely responsive on iPad 1.
2 worked perfectly. Can you put videos in option 2?

I would also like to know if we would be able to put other elements into a lightbox…like a tabbed widget.

The lightbox system for mobile is big…and the ability to utilize it in a manner that suits the website/webapp has HUGE potential!


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@TStanwood and @MartinB The way the lightbox will look and feel will not be based on these examples. I am just asking about how you use lightboxes in general - having multiple images per thumbnail or one image per thumbnail and you can cycle through other thumbnails (like a gallery).

@Socrademy you’re talking about a modal window. Lightboxes are meant to show a hi-res images and videos that you can cycle through (with an optional caption).

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@thesergie…thank you for the clarrification.:slight_smile:

would this function be on the roadmap? for mobile at least, it is a pretty big functioning part that has mny use cases that could streamline the development process…


@Socrademy We’re working on it right now! Everything we build is responsive from the get-go so it will work great on mobile.

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This is hard being that I’ve used it both way in the past. However I have a case right now where I’m hoping you’ll implement option 1. For example I have a portfolio site with over 20 thumbnails. Each thumbnail will represent a project that will have several images associated with it.

While I agree there should be an option for both, I’m definitely biased towards option 1

If we have to choose, I prefer option 2. I think we’ll find this more useful the most of the times.

I’m going to trust that @thesergie will find a way to give us both options.

However, can you tell us if you’re leaning towards one directing ? If option 2 is the only way, I may have to use another tool for this project. :frowning:

Most likely we will find a way to implement both options as it seems 50/50.


will the lightbox support videos as well?