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Podcast RSS/XML using dynamic embeds

Hi! Is it possible to create a podcast-specific RSS feed (or XML file) using dynamic embeds to pull the Name, Audio URL, etc. from a collection?

Or even more general; is it even possible to create a podcast feed/XML in Webflow at all (so I don’t have to use some extra-costing extraneous service)?


Have you checked the RSS options at page level on Page Templates? They’re NEAT!

You’ll visually setup your RSS, what it contains, how it looks… it’s one of my favorite things in Webflow. Go to the page settings of your podcast page template, and on the bottom you can set such things.

And the cost is… I’m kidding it’s free :slight_smile:

Haha, can’t beat that price tag!

Thanks Vincent, I appreciate the feedback. I tried out the RSS options for the page templates before starting this thread, but couldn’t figure out how to include the necessary audio/rich media tags specific to podcast RSS feeds (beyond the basic title, date, description) so that iTunes can detect and approve it as a valid podcast.

I’ll keep chugging away.

Can you quickly point me to the specifications for this? It’s interesting and I have a radio project down the road…

Sure thing. Here are the specs I’m trying to hit:

There are tools like Google Feedburner that supposedly can auto-generate a podcast RSS feed that meets all the requirements … I’ve ALMOST had success with it, with the exception of getting it to detect the actual audio URLs (at least I believe that’s the hangup).

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