Plopping existing css/js files for a visualization on selected page

I am checking out webflow, and wanted to confirm/ask some things.

In my case, I’ll have self-contained javascript visualizations with their own css/js that I would want to plop into selected pages of an existing site.

The “webflow custom code” route would be inappropriate, since it’s limited to a few thousand characters or something.

Is the best option here to use an iframe on a webflow page, pointing to somewhere else? Or is there a way to do this kind of localized js/css file inclusion on a selected page?


JS cannot be previewed in the designer (not even in an iframe).

You’ll have to publish your site and view the live site.

If you want to include externally-hosted libraries, see these:

How to host text files on Github
How to embed files hosted on Github

thanks - I think you can use the staging site to see how things look, right?