Add complete css and .js files to Webflow

Hi All

I’m putting together quite a large website which is going to have a number of additional .js files and at least one extra css file. Whist I appreciate that I could copy paste all the .js and css into custom code, or export the entire site and add the .js and css to my server it would be a much neater solution to be able to add .js and css files within Webflow and just make the calls to them from the head (as custom code).

Is this possible now or as a future consideration?


I’d like to know this too. For instance, I’d like to know how to make type animate (like’s headline) either natively in Webflow or using something like typed.js


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You can make calls to external CSS or JS files using the custom code area, but they wont load/execute while you’re in the designer tool. You’ll need to publish the site first to see the results.