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Global Classes and Combo Classes

Are there times when Global Classes show and other times when only Classes show to choose from? Seems like the answer is that Global Classes are existing base classes, and can’t be nested in another class for a Combo Class. Do I have this right, or is there more to it? The classes I created are showing in Global Classes. Global Classes are seldom mentioned in the videos, so not sure how they are being used or their full definition. Yes, I understand the difference between global and local in programming, but not sure how Webflow is handling things.

Seems like all classes that I create are available globally, am I wrong? All I have to do is start typing the name and the class can be reused anywhere on the website, from what I’ve seen.

Somewhere I read in the Forum back in 2015 posts that you can’t delete a Global Class. But I can delete a class that I create as long as I remove it from any element that is using it, so I don’t understand what I read. Is this still applicable?

Seems like Style Manager is what you use to look at nesting of classes and the only way to nest classes is through combo classes (or custom code). Is this right? Is there a limit or best practice for the number of nesting levels? Seems like Webflow videos only show parent and child, nothing nested deeper.