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How do i edit line color

Hello guys,

I’m new on Webflow and would like to ask for help on one subject.
I’m working on a CMS template called Woldie (Agency template) and i want to change the color of the thin white lines on the template, for the entire site – i want to change to green to then change the whole page color do white.

Can somebody help me with that? How can i change de line color? (I’ve search to change/edit the border color of the elements/section, but it not worked)


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Welcome to the community @RubensCAMPO!

The lines in between the sections are 1px borders, and those are controlled across various elements—typically only on a single side. The Page Content element, for example, has a left border applied to it:

It may be a bit difficult to find all of the necessary elements that have the style applied, so I recommend using a Global Swatch to set the color of all the line colors when you update them. This will give you a quick way to update all of the line colors at once rather than going one-by-one:

The White color was actually made into a Global Swatch when the template was created, so you can play around with the functionality by editing that color to see how everything is changed along with it:

I doubt you’re looking to change all the text as well, but that should give you a good idea of how powerful Global Swatches can be—just keep in mind that any element using that specific swatch will be updated across your whole project.

Hopefully that helps, but feel free to reach out if you run into any other roadblocks :+1:

Tranks for the help, @mikeyevin!