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Please Help! URL links opens blank pages + Page delay doesn't work


I don’t understand it, but suddenly all the url links on my website are opening blank pages. The pages are there when I am typing the URL myself but the links don’t work properly.

I am using a time delay JavaScript on all the pages to make a page transition. Like in this article:

Basically using this script:
function delay (URL) {
setTimeout( function() { window.location = URL }, 850 );

And in the link panel, I am using `javascript:delay(‘URL’)

Everything was working correctly but then something changed :confused:
After some tests, I found out that when I am not using the `javascript:delay(‘URL’) in the link settings panel but the regular page link option, the links are working. But then, of course, I do not get the delay I want.

My goal is to make it work once again or, to find a different way to make all of the URL links in the website do delay of 1500ms.

Here is the read-only link:

It’s my first Webflow website and I do not code, so I am apologizing for the mess. (I guess that’s also a possible reason why it does not work.)

If anybody can help me that will be more then amazing!