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Delayed page load JQuery not working

Could anybody take a look and tell me what’s going wrong with my page load delay? I followed this pixel geek tutorial to the letter (as far as I’m aware), and can’t figure out why the page transition isn’t working.

This is the code I added:


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @RachaelVizioli,

Could you provide the code you pasted on the settings? I doesn’t shows.


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$(‘a.delayedLink’).click (function (e) {
var goTo = this.getAttribute(“href”);

  window.location = goTo;


There’s a close script at the bottom too but it’s not showing for some reason! ( </script> )

@RachaelVizioli - Class on your button is delayedlink vs delayedLink in your script - may be causing the issue.

@sam-g They’re definitely the same now but still not working… :thinking:

Any more ideas??

@RachaelVizioli - I’m still seeing the mismatch on your address. I just tested and believe that to be the cause.

hey @RachaelVizioli I also test it and I believe is the code, I will create a clone project so you can see it working.

I’ll let you know!

Thanks!! :relaxed:

I never got that code to work, but I did some digging and added this other suggestion to the custom code footer and it worked perfectly!

            var link = $(this).attr("href");
            setTimeout(function() {
                window.location.href = link;
            }, 1000);

I have no idea why the other didn’t though!

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