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Please Help: Shop not working

Hi @creativecabin

Thanks for reaching out. I’m taking a look at this right now.
Hopefully I’ll have an answer for you shortly.


I’ve taken a look at the setup. There is a bug at the moment when you have shipping rules based on weight but the product weight field is left blank the shipping options won’t appear.
The workaround is to add a weight value to the weight field.

As for the payment option problem, could you clarify what payment options you’re expected to see in the checkout process?

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That is just stupid…of us. We should have filled the weight field :relaxed:

About the payment option: Stripe supports iDeal in the Netherland, but the card with expiration date and security code is not really how iDeal generally works in The Netherlands. I, and more importantly Dutch buyers, probably expect the choice to choose iDeal in stead of a credit card…see this please:

It looks like this can be configured in the Stripe account. iDeal is not activated. We will do this first.

Big thanks for helping. We will test out both things…tomorrow.

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Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:
We don’t support iDeal at the moment. There is a wishlist item for iDeal support.

I’m going to put some of my votes behind this feature feel free to do the same.
I’ll also bring it up with the team.

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Thanks. I already did.

Webflow uses Stripe, that do support iDeal. I will contact Stripe tomorrow to check if they can make it work. Without iDeal, the shop is almost useless in The Netherlands. If they make it work I will post something here to clearly how.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for replying.

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@AlexN Does this mean that we can not use all Stripe payment options, like iDeal? I’m creating a webshop as well and I really need iDeal for this project.

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Hi @martijnrunia.
Josh with Foxy here. Our seamless integration with Webflow allows you to manage your entire catalog of products with Webflow CMS and accept payments with iDeal as your preferred payment method.

More information can be found here: Please don’t hesitate to reach out if a phone/Skype call would be beneficial or I can put together a proof of concept even. Just let me know.


Hi Josh (@foxy)
Awesome, thanks for getting back. I’m super interested in foxy so yeah a proof of concept would be fantastic. I will dive into it after that and let you know if I need any support.

What way can I reach you best if I’m in need of any support.

Hi @martijnrunia.
No problem at all. Feel free to send a quick email to and we’ll get the conversation started.


Anyone has any experience with this: ? Is it possible to integrate iDeal next to Webflow’s integration?

As far as I know it’s currently NOT possible. The reason for this is because you cannot bypass filling the required Credit Card number, so you get an error at checkout, because the CC credentials are not filled.

You can bypass this by using Foxycart or Shopify, who do support iDeal.


Thats correct. I contacted Stripe and Webflow and because they have their own payment integration with Stripe it’s possible to have Webflow/Stripe payments and Stripe payments next to each other. If we want to use Webflow Ecommerce we can only use the payments offered by Webflow. At this point is that: Credit Card, Apple/Google Pay and PayPall coming soon.

Please vote on the Wishlist to get it integrated with Webflow:

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oh man… I am screwed… Has it always been so clear in Webflow’s Ecommerce marketing that weflow only supports certain payment methods via Stripe and not all of stripes methods? I looked in to this before I started my ecommerce project, half a year ago… I feel like I read everywhere: webflow payments go trough stripe. And stipe supports iDeal. Perfect. Done.

I have a huge problem now. Build a webshop for a client. Told them it supported iDeal. I can practically start over again in a different system a week before the deadline. A dutch webshop just needs iDeal.

How far away is this integration? I know webflow probably won’t be able to say this… but are we talking months or more than a year?

Do any of the Dutch webflowers know a quick fix / hack to somehow give an iDeal option? maybe be through an e-mail link etc.?

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@jarnom the only option for payments at the moment is credit cards (and google/apple pay) through stripe . It is kinda confusing that that means that you can’t access the other options stripe supports. To me, it’s been pretty clear from the start that it would be credit card only for the time being.
That doesn’t help you, of course.
As far as I know, PayPal is next on the integrations list. I can’t speak for webflow but I’d assume iDeal isn’t that high a priority given that it’s only used inside NL. Here in Belgium, people want to use Bancontact, in France I’m sure it’s another payment system…
Have you considered using something like E-Junkie or foxycart? I know Foxy’s on the forum.
There are options to use the webflow CMS with a shopping cart so you’d be able to keep your designs as much as possible and use a buy button instead of webflow ecomm.
So you’d have to re-build your pages in the CMS but you’d be able to reuse classes etc so that should be doable.
You could even use stripe directly.
If you integrate with Braintree as a payment processor, they support iDeal and all the other EU options.
I’ve used e-Junkie myself with a stripe (credit card only) integration for a site for now with the long-term plan to integrate with Braintree. There are other payment processors that support the EU options, Braintree’s the only one I knew of the top of my head :slight_smile: .


Seconding @foxy as an option to keep your webshop alive. I know it’s not ideal, but I was in a similar spot as you - started building a website in Webflow E-Commerce, only to realize I couldn’t set up all of the things the client required - restricting shipping by state, subscriptions, etc. I pivoted to using the CMS as Sarah said and it worked really well in the end. Josh from Foxy was incredibly helpful and got me up-and-running with every feature that my client needed.

Sorry you’re in the predicament you’re in. Hope you find a solution of some sort!


Hi @jarnom.
Depending on your setup, you may be able to use what you have currently with Webflow Ecommerce, but pass orders through Foxy, which supports iDeal. Feel free to message us your Webflow Read-only link and we’ll be happy to take a look and see what’s possible.


Thanks so much @sarahfrison, @mattvaru and Josh @foxy !

I have been looking at options to transfer the design to Shopify with the Udesly Adapter. But the options you are suggesting might be a lot easier… I will definitely look in to it.

And @foxy i will send you a link… am excited to hear what you think.


@jarnom Got it. I’ll be in touch.


The “Place Order” button is doing nothing on my site for items requiring shipping.

I have my webflow store setup. When I run a test purchase for $1 item with no shipping, it works. The order shows up in stripe, I get the email that the order was complete. As soon as I enable “shipping” the “Place Order” button stops working

Hi! I’m very curious how you managed to solve this problem (I see that you are now connecting your Webflow site to Shopify, where you are able to pay with iDeal!) and I am looking for this exact solution for my Dutch clients as well.

Would love to hear how you solved this!