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Please Help! Mixitup 3 Pagination not working! No idea why

Hi all,

I’m new to all of these but I’ve went through several tutorials and forums. I was able to get the plugin&extension to work yesterday but for some reason it doesn’t work today anymore. Didn’t make changes to the page between the time. Tried several things including hosting the plugin on different cloud services but nothing has worked.

Here is the read-only link: []

In my experience through the forum I think @sabanna would be able to pin point the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Hi, @Jay1

You defined mixer twice while trying to “activate” multifilter and pagination separately. It doesn’t work that way. Multifilter and pagination (same as animation) are parameters that should be listed under ONE mixer call

//Activate Multifilter:
var mixer = mixitup(containerEl, {
    multifilter: {
         enable: true                 
   pagination: {
       limit: 18,

Hi Anna,

Thanks for responding and pointing out what’s wrong with this.

I added the multifilter activation after I found the pagination to be not working. I also updated it just now and the published site’s pagination still doesn’t work. Do you see any other potential problem here by any chance?

Thanks much!

It’s hard to tell without seeing published page, sorry.

Here is a link to the published page: []

Would you be able to see what’s wrong? Really appreciate the help.

Hi again, @Jay1!
Based on the Error in the Console:

The system does not understand the parameter “multifilter”. It is happening because the link to the multifilter js file is not working. Unfortunately, github links like that are not working for that purpose. You need to find some cloud solution.
Same thing with the pagination js file.

Could he not copypaste the minified code into the page’s custom code section in a script tag?

No. @Jay1 is hosting files on gh and trying to use them to connect script

Thank you so much Anna!

I will try a few things but would you be able to recommend the best solution to host js for linking?
I was able to found some forums but the guides are all from years ago and a few has failed me. :frowning:

Thanks again.

Dropbox has been working pretty good for me so far.

Here is an example of how to get a correct link for CSS file. Same principal use for JS

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It works! Thank you so much!

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