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Mixitup 3 Problem [SOLVED]

I have Mixitup working on my videos page. For some reason, it won’t work with a slightly different structure for my filtered items on the lightbox-test page. Shared link is here. @sabanna or anyone else who has experience with the plugin, can you take a quick look and see if you can figure out what the issue is? Thanks.

I don’t think you can host scripts on dropbox, and you shouldn’t load two versions of mixitup.

I’m only loading version from here so I don’t know how or why two versions would be loading. And I don’t have anything hosted on dropbox being used on this site unless I’ve missed something. Can you point out for me where these mistakes are? Thanks, Sam.

Site Custom Code.

I removed it but it still doesn’t work. I’m at a loss because I have it working in my sandbox here on the video filter page.

Now you have another error

Do you have that element on the page?

Sam, I appreciate the help. I got it working correctly. You can see it work on the videos page here.

You’re welcome . . .

By the way, do you know of a way that I can link the same item to multiple lightboxes? For example, I might have a picture of a red car that I wanted to link to a lightbox with red items and a second lightbox with cars.

It is preferred if you can post separate questions instead of combining your questions into one. That way, it helps the people answering your question and also others hunting for at least one of your questions. Thanks!