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Please Help - I can't figure out why my Navigation is displaying on top of my Popup Modal when it's active

Hey All,

Could someone help me figure out why my Nav isn’t hiding behind the popup modal on my FAQ page? You can see what I am talking about if you click “No” on the question in the bottom right. Below is a screenshot of what I am referring to.

Here is my share link

As far as I can see, all of the z-indexes are sorted correctly with everything in the Nav being set to 1 and everything in the popup modal being set to the 1000s.

Any help is appreciated - thank you!

PS - when you’re looking at the read-only link, in order to edit the full screen popup modal on the FAQ page, edit the element called “Call Back Wrapper” to make it display flex and opacity 100%.

Hi Myonke,

You need to set your root navbar element to z-index:1;

Just double click the navbar symbol and add the z-index.

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Thank you, @pi_ron - can’t believe I missed it! Really appreciate the help!

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