Please help, cannot integrate Adobe Fonts

Hi friends,

I’m just starting out and having trouble integrating Adobe Fonts into my project.

It was my understanding that all site plans offer integrations, yet I’m still unable to save my API token.
(I currently have the Lite plan)

Can someone please help or advise what type of plan I need? I’m so frustrated, need help


Have you had a look at this article @MonicaGeller? Integrate Adobe fonts into your account | Webflow University. If that doesn’t work, could you explain a bit more of what the issue is?

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Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the response. I was able to solve the issue last night with a friend. I initially watched the video you shared to learn how to add Adobe Fonts. When I got to the step where I copy/paste the API token into the Integrations panel and hit ‘save,’ the save button was greyed out and I couldn’t save it.

My friend (who’s more advanced at troubleshooting) asked me to delete the API token, click ‘save’ with the empty box and then try adding it again, and it worked. It’s still a mystery what the problem was but just glad I got it resolved.

I had upgraded my free plan to Lite thinking that was the reason, so now I need to sort that out as well.

Thanks again for your help.


Happy to hear you were able to sort it Marie!

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