Please bring Native AMP for Webflow

I am using Mercury Postlight for this.

Even Squarespace has got AMP going on for them.

Is this a coming soon - but I cant tell you when too?

I’m still not convinced of AMP.
Webflow have bigger fish to fry at this early stage.
Plus it will mess with our designs.

Hi Daniel,

While I may partly agree with you. Google does seem to be convinced about AMP, which also makes client/s convinced about it.

Webflow is a client centric platform - nor is this a feature listing that needs forum approval or likes - Webflow does not work on the wish list that way. No way I can tell a client “The platform I use has bigger fish to fry” :wink:

Messing with design - I think you are wrong there - I have done a 3rd party integration - and it works well and the designs are clean.