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AMP Please make this a priority

With it looking as though AMP could potentially be a search ranking criteria for Google can Webflow please move this up on the list? It’s not even listed as planned on the Wishlist and has more votes than interaction items that are under development.

I understand that CDN may in fact, in some ways, make AMP irrelevant and I’m not sure AMP will really be a “thing” but it would be nice to know where Webflow stands on this topic.

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Hi. I know AMP well from some static-HTML projects i made.

posts Vs pages

I think full AMP support is impossible in any CMS/Builder - Why? “the problem” you have endless AMP components (+ Open Source the code change a lot over time + No jquery).

+151 votes is without meaning (great idea but this is not practical).

Wordpress Example

  1. Example - this WP plugin do not support pages (pages in wordpress -like “home” “about”), only posts (blog articles for example):

  2. Also you have in themeforest 11K+ wp themes - but only 3 themes in other plugin fully support AMP (11K VS 3 - Again beacuse this is Mega-Framework + Endless errors and sub-topics).

My idea

I think what Webflow really should do is "add AMP support for CMS posts and only for posts" (collection page in webflow terms). Like this a lot of blog articles SEO will be better (And you get in general more traffic) + Its more focus mission + will work fine with the current builder (like example-1).

In blog-posts most of the time you dont need gallery, tabs, slider and so on (only text - images and maybe youtube videos). So life is simpier :slight_smile:
Again - if in page X you have webflow slider - this will throw errors - and you should use
AMP slider component.

AMP is generally focused on CMS/blog type posts and implementation on CMS is what I would expect. Squarespace has implemented AMP on posts.

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Yes. But the wishlist you added talk about this as “general” topic.
plus +1 - this could be great feature (Also support).

AMP in CMS focused on blog - but in general you can create any site/page with AMP (Its harder yes). Some examples

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I didn’t add the wishlist item :grinning: and just now actually voted for it. My post was to give Webflow feedback and hope for some information from them about this feature.

I understand what it is and how it works but maybe others can benefit from the link.

You might want to check this for schema Google jobs - CMS Schema . I haven’t implemented in Webflow but I think it is possible.

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