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AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

Hello everybody

Does Webflow support AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages?


Not natively, It requires a bit of code.

And $90 per month for a plan according to the pricing page.

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In all fairness, storychief is a little bit more. But valuable if one already uses it

Webflow does not support AMP. That would require templates for pages and additional templates for collections.

I’m glad I’m still paying 32$ for their previous plan.
I’ll try the AMP integration.

[Edit]: Old plans don’t have AMP :frowning:
[Edit]: See below, all plans have AMP :smiley:

Hi Pierre,
Brik here from StoryChief. AMP channel is available for all paying customers. Where did you see that old plans don’t have AMP?

Hi @Brik_De_Maeyer ,

I might be mistaking but I tried reconfiguring the Webflow connections and couldn’t see an option for AMP.

[Edit]: Duh! I’m stupid, I forgot to enable AMP, Thanks a lot @Brik_De_Maeyer

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Hi @ColibriMedia , did you suceed implementing the AMP feature ? Does it work ? Any thoughts on SEO improvement ?

Since a new update in google’s algorithm is coming, would be nice to see some solutions upfront.


Hi @Daniel_Sun ,

I successfully implemented it, however our content writer forgot to enable it on storychief for previous articles so I have no feedback to add yet.

This isn’t a storychief thread, other CMSs like Wordpress support AMP, this is about Webflow supporting AMP.

Did you need more than my answer?

Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla have plugins for AMP, AMP pages are the future for mobile we’re told and rank better today.

Do we know Webflow’s view on this and roadmap?

I have not heard anything to report. Let’s see what Wednesday’s update brings. Lack of AMP is hurting my deployments of Wf.