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Responsive Vimeo Embeds

Hey there, I seem to be having trouble getting my vimeo iframe embed to be responsive, I’ve searched around the forum and came across similar topics but still have had no luck.

I also came across this:

which I thought might do the trick, but it doesn’t seem to work for me even after I added the custom code. It also moved all my iframes from the center of the page to the left. I’m not too experienced with this kind of stuff but if anyone could help me out in anyway with a trick that they used that would be awesome.

I just tried this technique out instead which looks like it would work great:

I think I followed the tutorial exactly as mentioned, However I have an issue where all the videos end up at the top of my page which can be seen here:

my designer preview can be seen here:

I’m pretty stuck on this, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

This can be closed as I did find out that putting an embed into a container kept it in the section that I needed it to me. This might have been easy for the experienced to figure out lol. Just a noob mistake on my part. :blush:

The responsive html embed that was posted in tips & tricks that I posted above worked out great :smile: