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Pixels on images

So I’m working away here and am having a problem with pixelated images in my portfolio.

I’m trying to use 3 light boxes next to each other in a container. I’m uploading images that are 1000 px wide, and they are looking out of focus, but the original image is not.

How am I able to get my images looking the way they should?

I’m posting 2 pics. The first one is the light boxes with fuzzy images. The 2nd is how sharp one of the images should be.

Could you post your read only link so we can have a closer look.

Shoot, I;'ve already deleted what I had. The problem I’m having is just not having clear images. I know it has to do with the size of the photograph probably being too big. But I always have a hard time finding the right pixel ratio.

I’m trying to do 3 light boxes next to each other with images that are 600 width x 900 length in a container.

Sorry for the run around, I’ve started two threads on this. I would greatly appreciate help on this thread.

I was able to post the read only link… It’s a mess in there. I will seriously pay someone to help me clean up my site and make it clean across all devices.

Thank you.

  • Brent

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