Images from collection showing pixelated

I’ve been using collections to make my portfolio section on my website.

I am having a problem where the large images are pixelating, as if they are too small and being upsized. From what I read elsewhere, everyone pointed towards disabling Responsive images, via Cmd+Shift+O and disabling in the image settings. However I am unable to do that in my images that are within a collection list.

Does anyone have any advice for me one how to fix this issue.
Thanks in advance!

Hey Lyndo,

It looks to me as if the images are actually a smaller size and ARE being upscaled, causing the blurriness.

You just need to reupload the images in a higher resolution, and it should solve the problem.

You can see here the dimensions for each of the images I downloaded from your site, highlighted in red.

The orange picture with the FlightSauce logo seems to be the only one with a high enough resolution to look crisp on your portfolio site.

But as I said, it should be an easy fix!

Thanks for your response @Jorge_Tijerina , however, the images I uploaded were a lot bigger than what you are downloading, which leads me to believe that webflow is resizing them. In the designer view of Webflow, as well as preview, it looks great but as soon as I publish the site they become pixelated.

Oddly enough, after making some other changes it is no longer pixelated, so not sure what is going on with that.

yeah it seems webflow was resizing, pics are clearer now and the dimensions look as they should as well