Pictures getting cut in different resolutions

Hello everyone,

I just finished this project recently. Of course, I am getting back from the client things that I did not notice or at least was not happening to me. The two things I’m getting more problem with are; the photo projects are getting cut from a 13" to a 15" laptop. The other is, on an iPad (3rd generation) the design view that I gave it to is not working. It is showing the bigger resolution (computer). For example in the all-projects, instead of showing one row with two projects, it is showing 3 projects but shrank.

I know I had to use many paddings and margins and play with VH and auto and pixels to accommodate content in the + info project modal for instance. On Safari for iPhone the content will not display 100%.

I know is a lot to ask, but if someone could take a look and make suggestions or things that I need to change, I will highly appreciate it.

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