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Display issue on different devices

Hi forum! I’d really love someone’s help with this, as I am stumped! I built a custom portfolio for a client and she recently came to me saying that on these specific pages – the element content/viewport was getting cut off, which wasn’t happening before.

She has a MacBook Pro 13.3 – so my first guess was maybe this was an issue that could be solved by a media query specific breakpoint for her screen size, though when I tried this – it did not solve the problem whatsoever.
I’ve attached screenshots below of the pages in which I’m describing!

Thank you!

Read-only link:

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Hey :slight_smile:

This is not an issue with the viewport, this is due to issues with the layout of the page!
Generally you should create layouts that fit the content nicely for the range of the intended breakpoint.
I see you removed almost all contents from the page, I can help with specific questions but I can’t guide you through reworking your whole page :frowning:

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Thank you for the quick reply and advice! That was definitely my next guess, so I’ll work on re-structuring!

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