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Picture doesn't want to change?

Hi there guys,

I’ve never done this before, and I have no idea how this works, but the Webflow agent kindly suggested that I post my problem on here… I am a bit frustrated at the moment, as I’m just not getting it right to change a picture on one of the templates I’ve selected to design on. It’s a CMS template. I’ve changed all the other pictures successfully, but for some reason this one is just not changing. Every time I change it, It changes the picture above it as well… uurggg… that’s how I feel. I’ve been struggling all day and not getting anywhere. It might be something really silly… but please can someone help me with this?

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Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @aylanelspruit i took a quick look at your problem.

To begin with the big picture is a static image. The one you want to change is comming from the CMS.


As you can see it takes the first record in the CMS sorted on creation date, newest to lowest.
Then your object is set to only show one record from the CMS.

Ok? If you want to show it from the CMS your filter, sortorder and index much match what you want to show.

I’m not sure how you want to use the CMS and how your images should be displayed. Took a quick look at the site how it looks works and look now. In this case you want to show a specik image, then set your filter to only show this image.

What you could do is to add i filed to the collectio called ID. Set the ID to a numeric value, Then in your CMS list set the filter to that value


Now when i took a deeper look in to your CMS i did se that you hade changed the image.
Pls. try tu publish the project


Sorry my mistake. took a deeper look in to the classes. You have a class called contain, that class is using a static image wish causes the problem. It’s using the static image

Don’t know what you realy want to do with the site but you can get rid of the problem if you copy the class contain in the small image and then rename it. After renaming remove the static image in the class.

Because of this class the page is not displaying the image from the CMS

I also found out that the CMS list on that box is NOT using the image from the CMS BG image is not checked to be used in the object. That will be the best solution.

Sorry did not dig in deep in the beginning

Here you can se that this 2 objects is not connected to the CMS

The 40Block is connected.

This should solve your problem

Thank you so much JanneWassberg… ! You officially became my hero today! It worked! Thanks so very very much :smiley:

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