Changing one image changes them all, but changing class doesn't help

I’m trying to build a portfolio so I want different images on the page. When I choose “replace image” it changes the image of all of the images on my page. I looked up on the forums and a lot of the answers said to change the class of each picture. So I’ve changed each picture class to “1”,“2”,“3”, etc. however when I click on the image again they all are under the same class still. Even if I do a combo class they all remain the same.
Hopefully this makes sense, it’s my first day using Webflow! Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Kalinn's First Project

Looks like an issue because you are using a CMS collection. If you want different images inside a collection list you need to connect the image element to an image field in your collection. The image element behaves as you’ve described when used on a page outside of a collection list.